How to Overcome Gym Anxiety

Tips and advice for Gym Anxiety

December 2021

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Lounge December 28, 2021

Are you nervous about going to the gym, Loungers?

Whether the ups and downs of the current climate has disrupted your gym routine or you’re taking the plunge to join the gym in the new year, gym anxiety is more common than you think. From the fear of judgement to social anxiety, going to the gym can be an intimidating experience but it’s important to remember that you’re not the only one feeling like this.

Whether the treadmill is your go-to, you prefer to lift weights or you want to start up some spin classes with your besties, here’s how to get over gym anxiety and embrace taking care of you, however you decide.
How to get over gym anxiety: Tips and Advice

Tips to overcome gym fear

1. Celebrate every win, big or small

Every win is a win, Loungers. Whether you’ve managed to run a few extra miles, upped your weights or you’ve finally plucked up the courage to sign up for that spin class you’ve felt anxious about, every milestone is a milestone. Everybody is different, after all, so show yourself some love and remember that you’ve come so far. Truly.

2. Don’t compare yourself to others

A huge part of gym fear is the fear of social judgement. We’re here to let you know that you’re beautiful just the way you are, hip dips or no hip dips, stretch marks or no stretch marks.

Regardless of your weight, shape or size, remember that you’re just as worthy and capable as everybody else. You don’t need to overwork yourself to fit into an old dress or exhaust your body by trying to get to the same level as everyone else. Take pride in loving your body, enjoy the moment and accept your body for what it is and all that it does for you.

3. Set realistic goals

So, you want to hit the gym 3 times a week? That’s fine. Or perhaps you want to workout just once a week? That’s totally fine too! Don’t let the pressure of the new year and the post-festive season cause you to feel any less than what you are. Your body is just as beautiful now as it was before you got back into the gym. Start slowly and enjoy taking care of you, however that may be.

4. Be patient 

Results take time, and so does getting back into the gym if you haven’t been for a while. Be patient with yourself and don’t do too much too soon. Remember, above all, exercise is self care - it’s all about working with your body to feel your best self.

Kate Taylor, a regular Lounger and gym go-er says, “Everybody has to start somewhere. Aside from the physical aspect, exercising in general can work wonders for your mental health and I truly believe it's played a huge role in my confidence and self acceptance.”

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5. Have a plan in place

Picture this: you’ve finally arrived at the gym, it’s full of new faces and endless machines and you have no idea where to start. Sound familiar?

Make sure you have a plan in place so you don’t let gym fear get the best of you, Loungers. We get it - it can be scary and even overwhelming at times but a plan of action will help you achieve what’s right for you. Try planning out which area of your body you want to work on on your set days, what equipment you plan to use or how long you want to train for. Maybe even download a few fitness apps (don’t worry, the Lounging can come later).

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If you have anxiety about going to the gym, remember, Loungers - you’re not alone.

We’ve all faced it and together, we can all get through it. Remember, there are other ways to you show your body love too by getting enough sleep and going for regular walks.

Remember, the gym isn’t the only place you can look and feel like your best self. It’s all about finding what works for you.