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Happy World Environment Day!

Lounge Underwear Happy World Environment Day!

Happy World Environment, Loungers! 

We’re here to give our home some Lounge lovin’.  

From production to packaging, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do here at Lounge and we’re always looking for ways to give back to our precious planet.  

Two Tone Blossom BalconyAre you a little Lounge obsessed but conscious of your carbon footprint? 

Loungers, we’re here to help you keep sustainability at the heart of all your shopping sprees. Here’s how... 

When you’re shopping Lounge you are: 
1. Buying quality product that lasts.  
2. Buying into products that are proudly made from recycled laces, yarns and components. 
3. Encouraged to hand wash your items, or wash on a lower washing temperature (30 max!) 
4. Choosing designs you’ll LOVE and know you’ll wear frequently. The constant choice from your undies drawer. Psst... don’t forget to recycle any unloved items when they’re looking tired. 

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We’re not fast fashion.  

With everything we do, we make sure it’s done with the environment in mind. 

sustainable underwearFrom our Bamboo Triangle Collection to our Soft Chic Ribbed Bralette, rest assured you can shop sustainably with Lounge. 

We can all agree that Mother Nature is truly magical, so let’s make her proud and look after our Earth.