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Introducing: The Lounge Collective

Lounge Underwear Introducing: The Lounge Collective

Introducing: The Lounge Collective.  

A group of strong women who share our values and vision.   

A group of women who will amplify our voice and stand alongside us on our mission to be the biggest and the best underwear brand in the world. 

Both beautiful and bold, they embrace all we stand for here at Lounge, just like you. 

8 women, on one mission. 
To empower other women.

Follow them on their journey through selflessness, motherhood, charity, business and body positivity and unveil everything it means to be a woman. 

Meet the founding faces.  

This is their story. 



Despite being one of the most sought-after models in the world, Romee relishes being a mother more than anything: 

“The most amazing thing about motherhood is the feeling of loving someone so intensely.” 



Caring, confident and totally committed to empowering women with her work, Camila is a beacon of beauty who believes in both herself and you:  

“I always want to spread the message of light, and believing in your own light. Believe that you’re beautiful, you’re strong and you can do whatever you want to do in this world.” 


Anything but ordinary, Tabria takes body confidence to a new level and that’s why we love her:  

“Being a part of this collective is very empowering, to be alongside so many women that inspire me is so special.” 



Fellow and body activist, Iskra, brings us right back to our brand roots, whilst also reminding us that beauty is more than just our bodies: 

“There’s so much more to me than just my body, and reminding myself with affirmations and gratitude lists is how I stay in check and how I keep continuing to build my sense of self-worth through who I am, not what I look like.” 



Encouraging others to make the world a better place, Eva is everything a woman should be and more:  

“I want my legacy to be that I was a good person. My Uganda Charity Foundation is so important to me.” 



Beyond her beauty, Elsa juggles managing motherhood and making her mark in the modelling industry:  

“My message has always been ‘Be Unique’, I think you have to go your own way and not try to emulate or walk in someone else’s shoes.” 



Starting her career at age 15, Jasmine shows no signs of slowing down her success any time soon and neither should you: 

“I find inspiration from everywhere, from walking down the street and seeing people, the shapes of architecture and furniture, I save everything and love to make vision boards.” 


Plus sized and perfect in every way, La’Tecia leads the way in reminding others to love the skin they’re in:  

“My 3 pieces of advice to my younger self would be: not to compare myself with anyone else, don’t grow up too quickly, and just be alive and have fun!” 

As the faces of the brand – these women will embody all things
strong, sexy and self-loving; these women are here to teach you, our Loungers, that you too are all of that - and more. 

It’s time to delve deeper and discover what’s really underneath the people you see on your feed.  

Sexy isn’t just what you see on camera. 
It’s how you feel, what you do, how you think. 

Lounge is here to support all women - as well as their boobs! 

So be authentic, be you and you will be beautiful – always.   

Excited yet?  

Who knows, you might even see the girls hitting the runway once again with a whole new purpose…