6 Years of Lounge

6 Years of Lounge

March 2022

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Lounge March 22, 2022

It’s official, we’re 6! 

After 6 years of underwear, empowering women and simply loving Lounge life, it should come as no surprise that we have some serious highlights to look back on. 

From incredible amounts of money raised for our annual #FeelYourBreast campaign to working with some of the world’s biggest fashion models, it’s safe to say we’re super proud of what we’ve achieved.  

That’s why we’re catching up with our Founders to look back on what made Lounge the luxury underwear brand you know and love today: 

Miami Swim Week 2019 

As our first runway experience, Miami Swim Week 2019 just had to make the list. It was a pretty magical moment that we’ll always remember. 

Mel: “Miami Swim Week was so eye opening. We wanted to make a splash (pun intended) for our first swimwear launch but also wanted to disrupt the market with our super diverse and inclusive runway and I think we did just that.”

#FeelYourBreast 2021 

It’s our most important event of the year and the epitome of what we stand for here at Lounge: female empowerment at it’s finest.  

Last year, we raised a record amount for our partner charities Trekstock & CoppaFeel! and couldn’t be prouder.  

Mel: “#FeelYourBreast never fails. It's that campaign that everyone highlights when referencing the brand and the one that hits homes for so many women around the world. Collaborating with Sophie Tea and making our Legends living pieces of boobie-art was so special and a day I'll never forget.” 

In 2022, we’re on a mission to make the #FYB movement bigger and better that ever before with the hope of helping more people survive breast cancer.  

Need a reminder on what’s to come? Watch this: 


Black Friday 2021 

It’s safe to say that Lounging for less is something we all love, which is why we loved last year’s Black Friday Campaign.  

Every year, we strive to create unforgettable campaigns that you just can’t ignore and let’s face it... it doesn’t get anymore exciting than exploding underwear, right!?  

Mel: “For most brands, Black Friday is just about sales, but as with everything we do, we wanted to give it MORE. We built a campaign to excite our audience and the shoot day itself was just next level. Dakota absolutely owned the rain and we made it happen.” 

Take a look behind the scenes of our biggest shoot to date: 

Move into our new HQME 

Working for Lounge requires talent, tenacity and total commitment to becoming the biggest underwear brand in the world and all that is housed under the roof of our new global HQ. 

In six years, we’ve witnessed some serious growth and have outgrown our office not just once... but five times. For a company that first started in the lounge of our very own founders, we’ve certainly come a loooong way. 

Dan: This was a massive step both commercially and psychologically as well! The first time I visited Blythe Valley about 4 years ago I knew that this glass building was the future of Lounge. I don't believe in fate but theres something about this building and I know if we are to become a truly global player, this is where it will stem from.”

The Lounge Collective  

As far as campaigns go, this could be our favourite yet. Working with some of the worlds most iconic models was an undoubtedly unforgettable moment. 

From motherhood to charity, business to body positivity, these women share our values and vision to empower women all over the world, which is why this campaign will go down in Lounge history.  

Mel:The Lounge Collective shoot was wild to say the least... the room was filled with the most incredible buzz and so much passion and energy to bring our vision to life.” 


Warehouse move 

Okay, so our office is pretty epic... but it’s fair to say that the warehouse is where the magic happens and having just moved into our biggest space yet, we’d be crazy not to call this a major highlight.  

At Lounge, we’re always pushing the boundaries to become unrivalled in the world of fashion and underwear and our warehouse staff are integral to that. They work relentlessly to ensure you receive your parcel as soon as possible, picking, packing and posting your orders with the utmost care, which is why we’re so excited to see them thrive in this new space.  

Dan: This is the first major warehouse or office move over the past 6 years that I didn't have intense involvement with. It felt bitter sweet as I love being involved in the build-outs but visiting the transformation of our warehouse that the team, headed up by our COO Jack had done was mind blowing. It almost had an even more powerful sense of achievement. Being able to step back and see what we had done, I felt so proud to work for the brand!” 

There’s no denying that the past 6 years have been something to remember and this list barely scratches the surface of what we have achieved and are striving for.  


It’s taken dedication, long days and a whole load of Lounging to get to where we are today and we wouldn’t change anything about it. 

Want to learn more about the crazy journey we’ve been on here at Lounge? Watch our Founders reflect on the all the memorable moments that made Lounge one of the most influential underwear brands in the world: 

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