A month dedicated to our Breast Friends | Breast Cancer Awareness

A month dedicated to our Breast Friends|https://loungeunderwear.com/blogs/news/a-month-dedicated-to-our-breast-friends-breast-cancer-awareness

September 2019

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Lounge September 30, 2019

This Breast Cancer Awareness Month we're uniting our Female Family around the world...

...whilst we campaign to raise awareness around Breast Cancer and the importance of checking your breasts, and even more importantly knowing how.

You may already be aware... October is officially Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and this year marks special moment for Lounge and everyone involved in our campaign (that includes you) as we take off our bras, put our comfy pants on and get to grips with our bodies.

From 1st October we'll be releasing 20,000 Limited Edition Pink Thongs and our Ultimate Guide, TOTALLY FREE! We'll be giving you the option to donate to our incredible chosen charities - Trekstok and CoppaFeel!, and we'll be holding your hands tightly along the way as we open your eyes to the emotional stories of 10 young women and the breast advise on how to #FeelYourBreast.

What do we mean by #FeelYourBreast!? Well... feeling your breasts and feeling at your best doing it - is honestly girls - so so important! No-one knows your body like you do, yet so many of us are guilty of not checking our breasts often enough, if even at all... We believe that for many, there is almost an element of fear that comes along with checking our breasts, right!?

The fear of the unknown, that question of "What if i find something!?" - 'What does that mean for me!?" - "What would i have to do next!?" Plus, even before any of the above - there is the overarching question for so many of us, of "How do i even do it!?" and "What am i looking for...?" Well, firstly - don't worry or panic, don't stop reading because you think "Argh, I don't want to think about this right now, I'll worry about it later..."This is the moment to close off from the world and put you and your body first.

This month see's the beginning of our mission.

#FeelYourBreast Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

We're asking you to join our movement, alongside some incredible young women that we call our Legends.Trust us when we say... these young ladies are some of the most inspiring, strong and empowering people, all of whom have experienced unique journeys with cancer, and they're with us all month long to inspire you to #FeelYourBreast.

Stay tuned... 01.10.19