5 years of our iconic #FeelYourBreast campaign has led to this moment.

Our Vision & Purpose

We exist to lead and collaborate on projects that drive change and leave a lasting positive impact. We’re committed to kickstarting life-changing outcomes and experiences for those who need them most. Since 2019, our #FeelYourBreast campaign has been a fundamental part of Lounge. Raising global awareness of the importance of self-examination has been our absolute priority. In just 5 years, we are so proud to have raised over £1,000,000 for our charity partners, thanks to the generosity of our incredible community.

As we step into our 6th year of raising donations and awareness, we’re also raising the bar. The way we empower our Loungers is evolving.

"There is no ceiling to what The Lounge Foundation can do and become"

- By Melanie Marsden

Our 5th year of #FeelYourBreast holds the same core mission as the years before it… To ensure that young people across the globe know how to check their breasts and why it is so crucial to know your normal and check regularly.

And this year, all donations will be taken into the hands of The Lounge Foundation, where you, our community, can feel connected to the individuals, projects, and charities that we support during the year.

Want to donate?

Thank you so much for your generosity and commitment to the Lounge Foundation.


Whilst this year we continue our focus on Breast Cancer Awareness, stay connected to The Lounge Foundation as it continues its journey, and as we tell the story of what matters to the organisation and its founders.

The future looks bright for The Lounge Foundation. Are you ready?