Beautiful Brights and What They Say About You

Beautiful Brights and What They Say About You

March 2022

3 Min read

Lounge March 30, 2022

Spring just got a whole lot sexier 

Feeling inspired to find a bright set to bring your underwear drawer to the next level? We’ve got you covered. 

Be prepared to make heads turn and Lounge your way into spring with all of the bright colours in our brand new collection, as well as our timelessly beautiful classics.  

From lemon to teal, hot pink to sapphire blue, it’s time to pick your perfect match... but what exactly does that beautiful bright say about you? 

Take this colour personality test to find out.  



So, our Sapphire Blue Tyra Intimates Set is your top pick? We don’t blame you, it’s the bright shade your underwear drawer needs.  

You’re a loyal friend, who’s sensitive to the feelings of others.  

Both trustworthy and totally dependable, your besties can count on you no matter what. You always put others first.  

That said, you’re emotional energy is a little more extreme than others and you won’t be taken for granted. On bad days, blue skies can become stormy, and so can you. Want a top tip? When things get too much, try going for a run to release some of that built-up energy.  



If you love our Lemon Luxe Balcony Set, you light up a room with your contagious energy.  

With this blindingly beautiful bright as your personality colour, you radiate positivity that people just can't get enough of.  

Your optimism and ability to befriend almost everyone is envied by most. Put simply, you’re just a bundle of joy to be around but remember, it’s okay to take a break from being the ‘happy one’ sometimes. If something’s bothering you, be sure to open up with your besties.  



Are you someone who always reaches for a red underwear set? Our Red Balcony Set must be calling your name.  

You’ve chosen the cheekiest of colour choices, which means you're a playful, pioneering spirit who inspires others with your courage and confidence; hence why you’re the centre of attention in most situations.  

However, you’re often impatient and a little impulsive at times, but that’s only because of your passion and enthusiasm for life.  

Your work ethic and ambition is admirable!  



If our Teal Blossom Balcony Set is your top pick, then you’re the most sensible of all the shades.  

With teal as your personality colour, we can depend on you to make pragmatic and practical decisions in sticky situations.  

Clear-thinking and calm, you carefully analyse everything – your powers of perception are truly unrivalled! 

That said, you often have a habit of overthinking. Remember to make time for your mental health, practise meditation and be mindful of your thoughts – there’s no time for negativity here!  



Orange radiates warmth and happiness, just like you. 

That’s why our Orange Ava Intimates Set is the perfect addition to your underwear collection.  

You’re the best at bouncing back from difficult situations because you love to look on the bright side of life and that’s why we love you.  

As someone who loves to take risks, you’re a free spirit who’s always on the go – but remember to slow down every so often, it doesn’t hurt to relax every now then! 

Why not book a spa weekend away with your besties and take some time to truly chill out? 




So pink’s your top pick? Our beautifully bright Hot Pink Grace Balcony Set was born to be worn by you. 

From your flirtatiousness to compelling charisma, people find themselves drawn to you.  

You’re not someone who worries about fitting in – you're authentic and admired by anyone who meets you but with compliments coming at you from all angles, it’s important to stay humble and share the love!  



There you have it, the colour personality test is complete! You’ve successfully picked your personality colour. ✅  

Here at Lounge, we have bright colours to suit everyone, whether it’s red underwear or blue that takes your fancy, get yourself a bright set to brighten up that underwear collection of yours.  

So, which beautiful bright are you?