Behind the Scenes with our Legends | How it happened...

Behind the Scenes with our Legends|

October 2019

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Lounge October 19, 2019

Time spent with some of the most inspiring young women we'll ever meet...

Ten women that we feel so utterly blessed to have met. We're so thankful to have been able to bring the girls together, all united in one room... but even beyond that one day in time, we feel so honoured to now be able to call them our friends. Our Female Family. 
Here's a little behind the scenes insight into our day together... a view on how it all came together, reasons why these women are so incredibly important to us, and why they were so crucial in making this campaign - this movement - everything that it has become.
Let's start from the beginning…
Sit back, relax, it's time for some girl talk.

Lounge Legends | Breast Cancer survivors

Where did it begin...!?

The concept of #FeelYourBreast, or 'feeling your breasts', started many months ago... 

A few loungers sat together questioning how we could give our girls more... "How could we unite our Female Family with something beyond underwear?" - "Something that means more?"...

Breast Cancer Awareness Month became a sudden focus for us... and it quickly developed and evolved from there.

We met with an incredible human called Olivia Rose Smith - the beauty with the short blonde hair in the image above. Olivia has always been an inspiration to us. Someone we felt that we connected with even before we'd met... So then when we did meet, and we explained some of the ideas we had, ideas to raise awareness and unite the cancer community in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness Month... well, let's just say, we hit it off straight away!

We laughed, we cried, we thought, and we thought again - until we felt our #FeelYourBreast concept was ready...

It was finally ready to share with some amazing young women that we had thought of as being the perfect role models, the ultimate legends, and the very humans that would allow this campaign to be everything that lived in our minds.

If we were going to do this, it had to be something unique, something diverse and relatable, and something that instantly stops you in your tracks.

We wanted our #FeelYourBreast campaign to make you stop and listen - listen and connect - connect and understand the very real and emotional journeys that these young women have experienced, and the intense reality that these stories bring to life.

And well... here they are. Our legends.

Alice, Leanne, Dizzy, Em, Nicky, Olivia, Georgie, Shannon, Angel, and Rebecca - our incredible photographer who shot the campaign.

Lounge Legends | Breast Cancer Awareness Month

An instant connection...

A group of women in a room together, who had each experienced a unique journey with cancer that allowed them to truly understand the richness of life... the true beauty of friendship, and the passion and motivation to create a campaign that they knew could inspire others like them - together.

Togetherness was honestly the whole vibe and value of our day. Everyone in the room was united in our mission!

Holding hands, opening up, talking through things that are the hardest things to talk about, and having the confidence to go braless and be stripped back completely... all to inspire other young women (& men) around the world... someone like you.

And well, that's what we did.

How were emotions on the day!?

All the girls were so full of energy and determination to get across all the messages that were whirling around in their heads. 

Emotions moved rapidly throughout the day, with storytelling being a very poignant and intensely nerve racking thing for some of the girls to do. There were some tears, but those tears were in some cases followed by laughter, or instead turned into strength and focus...

It really was a moment to be real and to be open... speaking into a camera, knowing that throughout the month of October (and beyond), people all around the world would connect deeply with their stories, and that for someone - it might be the very thing that saves their life.

We could honestly talk forever about this incredible day...

It's a day we'll truly always cherish. 

A day that we'll remember as the moment in time that changed things for Lounge.

A day that started a Lounge legacy - a legacy that brings comfort and support to our Female Family in more ways than just one... not only through underwear, but through real moments in time.



Released across the month of October, 2019.