Don’t Steer Clear of Your Smear This Cervical Cancer Prevention Week

Don’t Steer Clear of Your Smear This Cervical Cancer Prevention Week

January 2023

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Lounge January 26, 2023

Loungers, let’s talk about cervical screenings.

Are you scared to receive that letter in the post inviting you to attend your smear test? If you have received a letter, are you going to book a screening? If you are booked in, how are you feeling? Nervous? Unsure of what to expect? Absolutely dreading it? Don’t worry - you aren’t alone!

More women than you’d expect are feeling the exact same way… Did you know that nearly 1 in 3 women in the UK don’t take up the offer of cervical screening when they turn 25*? Fear of pain, embarrassment, and especially the unknown are often reasons why women choose to avoid booking their smear test.

We’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way.

We want to eliminate the stigma and fear surrounding smear tests and encourage as many women as possible to get checked. It will save lives, we promise.

When better to talk about this than Cervical Cancer Prevention Week? It’s the perfect time to book that test you’ve been avoiding, get talking about the topic or even just do some more research to put your mind at ease!

Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you.

We’ve been working with Dr Anne Henderson to give you the lowdown on what to expect at a smear test, and to take alllll of the fear and uncertainty out of the process when you go for yours. We want you to feel as comfortable and confident as possible, from beginning to end.

To make it even easier to know what to expect, we met Jourdan Riane at Dr Henderson’s clinic in Tunbridge Wells. and put together a super-helpful video, which tells you everything that will happen at your smear.

Click here to watch.


See, Loungers – it's not scary at all! You can expect a brief consultation before your screening, the opportunity to see the tools used, and the part that everyone dreads? It’s over within 5 minutes.

It’s so important to get yourself checked. Early detection saves lives.

Do you have any more questions for us? Or do you just need a pep talk before heading to your appointment? Our Lounge Experts are here to help you out, hype you up and hand you all the tools you need to have no fear of getting your smear.

You’ve got this.

Love, Lounge x

*This information is accurate for our UK Loungers. If you’re reading from outside of the UK, we would recommend checking with your local health service to find out more about when you’re eligible for a cervical screening.