#FeelYourBreast - Boob Casting

#FeelYourBreast - Boob Casting

April 2022

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Lounge April 28, 2022

Ever wondered what your boobs would look like mounted on your bedroom wall? Okay, probably not... but what if we told you we’ve found someone who can do just that...  

Meet Lydia Reeves - body positivity activist and boob casting artist from Brighton.

She’s on a mission to make both men and women see themselves as the masterpieces that they are, all whilst being kinder to their bodies - and it goes without saying that we couldn’t wait to work with her.  

Lydia has cast around
300 vulvas and almost 200 boobs since she opened her casting studio in 2019 and it’s safe to say her work has helped change so many lives.  

“Different people get different things from it.” Lydia explained.  

“The people who come to get cast have a lovely experience and get to see their bodies in such a different way.  

I also post my casts and everything online, so for all the people that can’t come and get cast, wouldn’t want to come and get cast or are too far away to come and get cast, they too gain from my work by just being able to see the different types of bodies and seeing that in a really celebratory way.”  

Follow Lydia on Instagram: @lydiareeves_artist 

This year, we’ve made it our mission to mark every month as a new step in our #FeelYourBreast movement.  

This means that each month, we’re reminding you to get checking, Loungers! Lydia’s here to help get that message across.  

This April, we invited our Legends to Lydia’s casting studio in Brighton to get their boobs cast in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness. 

“As a young woman who has survived breast cancer, I really wanted to be a part of this campaign today,” said Shannon, one of our long-standing #FeelYourBreast Legends.  

“It’s such a creative and interactive way to encourage other young women to check their boobs!” 

The prospect of baring your body to a complete stranger is (naturally) a little daunting, but our Legends loved every second of it. 

Want to see Lydia at work? Watch the video below to go behind the scenes of our boob casting shoot!  

For a lot of women, the female body isn’t all curves and symmetry. 

Puberty, hormones and traumas like cancer all have an impact on the size and shape of our breasts but no matter their scars, appearance or asymmetry, they are all beautiful.  

Still don’t believe us? Take our Legend’s word for it:  

“I wanted to take part in this campaign today to show women that after cancer, life is not over, your body is beautiful, your journey is beautiful and you should celebrate you and be proud of who you are.”  
- Leanne Pero, breast cancer survivor