Happy International Women's Day

Happy International Women's Day

March 2019

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Lounge March 07, 2019

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Celebrating International Women’s Day With You

Today is a day designed to celebrate you, to celebrate us… to celebrate the beauty and strength of women.
To us at Lounge, this day means so much.
It’s hard to know where to begin.
Today acts as an opportunity for us girls to hold our heads high together and remember what we’re made of and the power that we hold in not just today, but every single day.
Take this moment to hear it from us… you are amazing.

We advise you to take today to reflect, and give you and all your besties some much needed self love and appreciation.

Recognise all that you do as a woman and all that you can be.
We may be sensitive and emotional at times, we may criticise our flaws and self-assess a little too much, but we are also strong and independent, we are loving and kind, and we are all unique and eccentric in our own special way.
It is these distinctive qualities that makes you - you.  And you should be proud of them all.
To truly celebrate this day in style, we’re turning the heads to you - our beautiful and strong Female Family.
Let’s hold hands and stand together on this day that reminds us to look in the mirror and give ourselves a cheeky wink, to acknowledge who we are and what we do as women in today’s world.
After all, it truly is #AWomansWorld
We wanted to use this day to recognise all the young women of influence that are carving their path and making a statement with us here at Lounge.
We’ve collated content from Lounge women around the world, our customers - our influencers - our Female Family - recognising those that are close to home in the UK - all the way around the globe to our girls from New Zealand… and everywhere in-between.
It is you, the Lounge customer, our breast friends and lovers of comfort that truly keeps our world turning around.
This International Women’s Day we’re holding our arms wide open and giving back the love that you girls show us all year round.
Today really does give us the opportunity to share a massive thanks from us to you.
We couldn’t do any of this without you, and even if we could - we wouldn’t want to.
Women are stronger together, united as one, all moving forward as a passionate and powerful Female Family. Join us whilst we keep making every effort to shake up the underwear industry with nothing but comfort, keeping you feeling sexy and confident in all that you are, and all that you will become.
Happy International Women’s Day girls. We love you loads!