#MyBoobsMyBody | Meet The Girls


March 2020

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Lounge March 08, 2020

We’re celebrating our boobs and our bodies, along with 7 absolutely incredible young women who are standing strong, proud of everything their mumma gave them…

This International Women’s Day, we kickstart an incredible campaign to celebrate every little bit of us… #MyBoobsMyBody.

Let’s be honest - telling ourselves the things we love about ourselves isn’t something that comes too naturally to most of us.

Agree? - We know, don’t worry!

That’s what we’re here for - along with Georgia, Jordan, Amanda, Nelly, Jess, Rach and Yelena. It’s time to focus on a little bit of self love, self care, and one big celebration of all the things we didn’t realise we loved about our boobs, and our bodies.

So here we go…

There feels like no better place to start than with the girls' own words…

We hope they can give you the confidence to start thinking about your own bits and bobs, and what’s actually kind of beautiful about them…




Hi, I’m Georgia and I love my body because it’s what makes me strong… It reminds me every day that everyone is unique and beautiful, and more importantly everybody is worthy.




Hey, I’m Jordan and I love my boobs because well, they’re my little handful of happiness. Yes, I'm part of the itty bitty titty committee, and girl I’m proud of it, and you should be too! My B’s are beautiful and I love them.




Hey, I’m Amanda and I love my body because it carries me every day. My body is strong and powerful and literally shapes my life, who I am and what I do every single day.



Nelly London

Hey, I’m Nelly and I love my boobs because they're covered in scars but they make me, me. Me and my boobs have had a love hate relationship throughout my life, and we’re still working on it - but it’s a journey that’s made me who i am today, and i'm so thankful for that.




Hey, I’m Jess and I love my body because well - why shouldn’t i!? Girls, confidence is everything, and whilst self love isn’t easy, it's definitely worth it when you get there! Your body makes you, so show it a little love.




Hey, I’m Rach and I love my boobs because they may be big but they’re beautiful. Us girls with bigger chests deserve comfort too, so finding underwear that gives me that makes me so happy.




Hey, I’m Yelena and I love my body because it’s mine. Self love equals self worth - so learning to love you and everything you are is the best piece of advice I've ever had.

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