Welcome to our new warehouse!

Welcome to our new warehouse!

May 2022

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Lounge May 06, 2022

Buckle up, Loungers.   

We’re about to give you a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes here at Lounge.  

Welcome to our new, 82, 300 sq ft warehouse! 


With a brand that grows as fast as Lounge, it should come as no surprise that we’ve outgrown our warehouse for the fifth (yep, fifth) time... and this move is our most exciting yet! 

From picking to packing your orders, our warehouse team works tirelessly to ensure every delivery makes it to the right doorstep and quite frankly, they deserve more credit!  

The team consists of 30 staff, which is pretty crazy considering they pack between 4000 and 6000 items per day. Seriously, these guys need a medal (or 10!). 

So, how big actually is our new warehouse?  

Put it this way, all four of Lounge’s previous warehouses could fit in our new home in Redditch. We know, we know, it’s mind blowing.  

We put so much time, effort and love into every last one of your Lounge orders and this new warehouse will play a vital part in helping us continue doing just that because sometimes, bigger really is better. 

It’s fair to say we’re geared up for growth after our latest move, so sit tight, Loungers,  we have a feeling that the next few years are going to be epic