What to Wear with Leggings

What to Wear with Leggings

October 2022

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Lounge October 26, 2022

We can’t think of a time when leggings (in some shape or form) weren’t in fashion. They’ve always been that staple piece which can be worn with just about anything. No matter the occasion, mood, or location, you can’t go wrong!

If staying at home is as far as your agenda goes for the week, but you want to be stylish as well as comfortable, a pair of leggings is your answer. When you’re heading out for a coffee or a date, leggings will give you that on-trend but effortless look. Plus, paired with the right accessories, you can pull together a look for every season.

Read on to find out how to style your leggings the Lounge way, where comfort is made sexy!


Mellow moods call for comfortable outfits that still look incredible! Who said you can’t look cute on your couch? Whether you’re lounging at home with your favourite people or camping on the sofa watching your favourite movie, we’ve got the perfect way to style your leggings.

Meet your lounging needs with our 365 Apparel Second Skin Leggings paired with our 365 Apparel Oversized Hoodie. Together, these pieces are the ultimate lounging outfit! Plus, we’ve got two luxurious colours for you to choose from, a bright, almost white stone and a lush chocolate brown.



Running errands, meeting a friend for coffee or going on a quick lunch date? Wherever your destination, we’ve got the perfect outfit for you, one that’s fun, bold and sexy!

Try our 365 Apparel Second Skin Leggings with our 365 Apparel Second Skin Racer Back Top, for the perfect effortless fit that looks like you’ve made an effort! Throw on your favourite trainers and grab our 365 Apparel Crew Neck Jumper to complete the look.

Everyone should have a quick and easy outfit at the ready, one that (most importantly) is comfortable but never takes away from YOUR sexy! Check out our 365 Apparel; the name says it all – wear it all year round just like a pair of leggings, and feel your best while you do!