Sexy Thongs

Our collection of sexy thongs has you covered - Or not.

We've made it easy to find a sexy thong that's right for you. When searching for a sexy thong, comfort’s at the top of the list when considering your underwear needs. Whether it's a sexy cotton thong, a sexy lace thong or even a full set, it's all about you and what makes YOU feel your absolute best.

If you’re already Lounge-obsessed, you'll know sexy thongs & g-strings aren't just to be saved for those intimate moments - they’re a day-to-day staple. We’re all about Comfort Made Sexy, and our sexy thongs don’t compromise on comfort.

Our sexy thongs are always made from buttery-soft, high-quality fabrics - because you should never have to choose between style and comfort.

Shop the full range of sexy thongs and find your sexiest thong from Lounge today.

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